When someone ask's " What does it mean to Be In The Know? ", there is no one answer, mission or definition. There is always SOMETHING that you can Be In The Know about. The primary focus of ITK however is to help people better themselves whilst bettering others as well! Being In The Know can be described as heightened awareness, or in other words, being more aware of your own behavior. It means making conscious and appropriate decisions as opposed to impulsive ones. It also means growing together in positivity and standing up against the bullies in a world that we all have to SHARE! People of all shapes and sizes get bullied. Adults get bullied, kids get bullied, celebrities get bullied. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America! About 45,000 Americans die by suicide each year (AFSP 2017), and that's just in the US! We have to make a change, TOGETHER. It starts with a look in the mirror and taking a look beyond the exterior! Help someone Be In The Know about someting by first trying to understand their perspective and getting to know them as a person! We should all receive these things, only if they come from a good place. Receive positive feedback, constructive criticism, receive the friend that tells you what you need to hear, and not just what you want to hear! Let's better our world one person at a time! 



In order to successfully spread the word about Being In The Know, we have to be aware of our surroundings. We must know when our family or friends are down. Look for signs of depression, anxiety, stress and HELP as best as you can. Our societal leaders must Be In The Know before we can even begin the movement. 

Who We Need To Be In The Know:
Moms In The Know
Dads In The Know
Coaches In The Know
Teachers In The Know
Bestfriends In The Know 
Couples In The Know
Cousins In The Know
Employers In The Know 
Employees In The Know 
Athletes In The Know 
Families In the know
Celebrities In The Know


It starts with YOU. Reflect on your OWN behavior. Once we can check ourselves individually, we can finally grow TOGETHER! Take "Keeping It Real" to the next level and actually keep it real. 

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This character is a representation of me. I
love basketball, I always wear some kind of
headband or bandana, and I'm always In The Know!
Be yourself. There's only one YOU
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