Power Mallet

The Power Mallet allows you to tool leather longer, faster, and with more ease than the traditional hand held mallet. Watch the video and see the fun!

About Power Mallet

What is the Power Mallet?

It is a mechanical tool that takes the place of a standard tooling mallet. Leather carving tools are mounted into the Power Mallet with collets. No need to purchase new carving tools. The Mallet is connected to a Foredom LX variable speed motor that is controlled by a foot pedal. One hand applies pressure to the top of the mallet and the other hand guides the carving tool.

The Power Mallet can be used with various leather tools: bevelers, pear shaders, stops, veiners, back grounders and others. The kit also comes with a knife and a collet to do knife cuts. A swivel knife is still recommended for finished cuts. Please watch the videos to see different tools being used with the Power Mallet. Click on the FACEBOOK icon at the bottom of the page to see the latest news, and videos on the Power Mallet. Click on the YOUTUBE icon to see all the videos. Thank you for visiting.

Complete Power Mallet Kit

Complete Power Mallet Kit Includes:

Power Mallet, Foredom LX Flex Shaft Motor (5,000 RPM 1/10th HP), Foot Pedal, Desk Top Control, 1 knife w/collect, 9 collets* (3 of each 3/16″, 5/16″, 1/4″), & Wall Bracket.

Price: $995.00


Power Mallet (Without Motor)

Power Mallet (Without Motor) Includes:

Power Mallet with knife collett and the 9 collets. Does not include motor.

Price: $695.00


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