Here is a helpful tip when working on small leather items with the Power Mallet. The problem is keeping it from moving around. You can get yourself a piece of marble tile, 3/8″ in thickness from your local big box store. Apply painters tape, that you make into loops, to the bottom of the leather piece you are working on and then stick it onto the tile. Now you can turn the piece of tile instead of the leather. Everything stays in place, but don’t use this tile for anything like basket stamping because it will break it.

Our Mission Statement: To assist in the endeavor to learn the art of leather carving. The art of leather carving can be tedious and often painful experience. With that in mind the Power mallet was created to alleviate the aches and pains; such as hand cramping and shoulder pain. In most cases it takes years to control the swivel knife and the hand mallet enough to produce good results. Cutting with the swivel knife by hand requires strength that for some people it takes too long to develop. It also requires skill and coordination to use the hand mallet effectively. This too takes time.
The Power Mallet has eliminated most of the aches and pains associated with carving leather. It does all the tedious work, so that you can enjoy drawing your flowers and scrolls deeply into the leather. The learning curve is greatly reduced, so you can now spend you limited time producing amazing projects instead of painfully striving to eliminate tool marks and to strike a tool accurately. The knife lets the tool do the cutting and you follow your pre drawn pattern. You use your own tooling tools in the Power Mallet. Your tooling will be easier and done more effectively than you could ever do in the traditional way; in a fraction of the time without discomfort.
If you are trying to earn money or make a living tooling leather; it is a hard task to accomplish, if you are doing it the traditional way. With the Power Mallet, it has made the task much more fun and some of our customers have reported as much as 90 percent faster on some applications. This makes it much more feasible to make money at your leather carving. It also preserves your body so that you can continue your leather carving for years to come without the physical wear and tear that is normally associated with the art. Please watch our promo video at Thank you for taking the time and hope to be able to help you in your leather carving endeavor.

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